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The Pakistan Journal of Nuclear Medicine (PJNM) is the official journal of the Pakistan Society of Nuclear Medicine and the first nuclear medicine journal being published from Pakistan. PJNM aspires to represent the professional excellence and contributions of the nuclear medicine community in Pakistan at an international level.
This peer-reviewed journal aims to contribute towards research and education of physicians in the field of nuclear medicine and allied sciences.  The journal shall provide a platform for publishing and disseminating scientific and clinical contributions of the nuclear medicine community nationally and provides an opportunity for exchange of information and collaboration with the international nuclear medicine community at large.
The journal welcomes a wide variety of publication formats including editorials, state-of-the-art review articles, original scientific and clinical research papers, case reports, interesting scans, library cases, letters to the editor etc. However, in view of busy schedules and service demands on nuclear medicine specialists, PJNM will specially promote and encourge publication of brief case reports and submission of interesting scans and shall introduce a new format entitled "Imaging Gamuts"  to facilitate and expedite submission of rare, unusual or interesting scans (detailed in the Instructions to Authors section).
Over the years, the specialty of nuclear medicine has constantly experienced new challenges as a result of developments in non-nuclear diagnostic modalities, some having eventually replaced or supplanted the hitherto established radionuclide functional imaging and non-imaging diagnostic techniques; however, the concurrent rapid advances and expansion in molecular imaging with the introduction of new radionuclide imaging tracers, technological developments in imaging equipment, the introduction of hybrid imaging, has had a significant impact on the specialty and redefined the clinical role of nuclear medicine.  
The inherent changeable nature of nuclear medicine and the demands imposed on the nuclear medicine specialty as a whole necessitates embracing new developments both in the specialty and in other disciplines.
The current ongoing integration of functional nuclear medicine imaging and structural imaging modalities has broadened the scope of nuclear medicine. Further, there is a close liaison between nuclear medicine and several clinical specialties such as oncology, cardiology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, urology & nephrology, surgery, etc. This fact is recognized by the Pakistan Journal of Nuclear Medicine and therefore the journal welcomes a broad scope and variety of publications and, in addition to nuclear medicine and allied sciences, proffers contributions from structural imaging as well as the associated clinical specialties.
21 March 2011





The Pakistan Society of Nuclear Medicine, PSNM is the representative forum of Nuclear Medicine Professionals in Pakistan. PSNM, since its inception in 1995, has been the only podium that addresses various issues and aspects related to the professional practices of Nuclear Medicine community in Pakistan. The Pakistan Society of Nuclear Medicine, PSNM in its early years has contributed actively in the promotion of Nuclear Medicine in the country.

PSNM organized various academic sessions, workshops and three conferences between 1995-2005, and promoted regional and international collaboration with other regional and international organizations such as ARCCNM, ASNM, AOFNMB, WFNMB and INCTR.

In 2010, after a period of dormancy, the society was revived. An executive council was  democratically elected and society‚Äôs constitution re-enacted. The society has now held its second round of 2-yearly elections with a new representative EC.  The office holders and the members of the society are passionate about advancing the specialty both locally and internationally.